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Sermon schedule – December 2021

Peace – Rev. Russell Mutzelburg
Praise the Lord all my soul and forget not His benefit – Rev. Michael Tan
Joseph and Mary – Rev. Les Percy
Good news of great joy for all – Rev. Vivian Soesilo
Hope of the hopeless – Rev. Daud Soesilo

Sermon schedule – November 2021

Seeking and saving the lost – Rev. Russell Mutzelburg
The two daughters – Rev. Peter Kutuzov
Confession of sins – Rev. Wally Wang
Jeremiah, the message of hope – Mrs. Jeanette Mutzelburg

Sermon schedule – October 2021

The parable of ten servants – Rev. Daud Soesilo
Jeremiah, the message of judgement – Mrs. Jeanette Mutzelburg
“More than conquerors” – Rev. Richard Gibson
Justice comes for God’s people – Rev. Russell Mutzelburg
Christian character: Belonging to Christ & walking with Christ – Mr. Mark Baddeley

Sermon schedule – September 2021

The Loving Father – Rev. Lesleigh Hall
Jesus the Bread of Life – Elder Nathan Vickers
“For the LORD has chosen Zion” – Rev. Vivian Soesilo
Beware of what you crave – Rev. Russell Mutzelburg

Sermon schedule – August 2021

God’s Vision for Global Mission – Rev. Andrew Prince
Out of the depths I cried – Rev. Russell Mutzelburg
Saved for mission – Rev. Wesley Redgen
Jeremiah, the reluctant prophet – Mrs. Jeanette Mutzelburg
Two lost sons & the waiting father – Rev. Daud Soesilo

Sermon schedule – July 2021

The Lord gave, the Lord has taken away – Rev. Daud Soesilo
“For me to live is Christ and to die is gain” – Rev. Russell Mutzelburg
“Stand up, man” – Rev. Brian Shek
The Missions of the church – Rev. Wesley Redgen

Sermon schedule – June 2021

Contentment – Mrs. Jeanette Mutzelburg
Who is your neighbour? – Rev. Bastian Kastanya
A biblical model of leadership – Rev. Daud Soesilo
I will keep you in the hour of trial – Rev. John Coulson

Sermon schedule – May 2021

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Abide in Me as I abide in you – Rev. Vivian Soesilo
Mum and Grandma’s greatest deposit – Rev. Daud Soesilo
Jesus’ prayer for His disciples – Mr. Dustin Chendykiawan
The Holy Spirit: Spirit of Adoption, Redemption and Intercession – Rev. Russell Mutzelburg
The last piece of the puzzle – Rev. Keith Bricknell

Sermon schedule for April 2021

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A life or death decision – Rev. Andrew Prince
Finding the living Lord – Rev. Daud Soesilo
Hold fast to the Word – Rev. Vivian Soesilo
The wonderment of God – Mrs. Jeanette Mutzelburg
What would you do for love – Rev. Russell Mutzelburg